Celebrate Your Milestone with MilestoneGrad

As the school year 2023-2024 unfolds, embrace every school event, savor each moment, and celebrate alongside your friends.

At MilestoneGrad, we’re here to share in your celebrations and be your go-to destination for all your school-year needs.

How to Order for Your School

Ordering your graduation essentials from MilestoneGrad is simple and tailored to your school. To start, click below to select your school and begin ordering.

If you are only looking to order your cap and gown select that below.


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About MilestoneGrad

At MilestoneGrad, we’re dedicated to making your high school graduation experience unforgettable. As Southern California’s trusted partner for graduation essentials, we’re here to ensure your special day is marked with style and pride.

Meet Mark Boyer

At MilestoneGrad, we take pride in being more than just a supplier of graduation essentials. We’re a team of dedicated professionals led by Mark Boyer, a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience.

Mark’s journey with MilestoneGrad began in 2002, and his passion for ensuring an exceptional graduation experience for Southern California high school graduates has been at the heart of our mission ever since.

Mark Boyer’s commitment to excellence goes beyond mere products; it’s a commitment to creating lasting memories.

He understands that graduation is a momentous occasion, and his expertise is your guarantee of a memorable and seamless experience.

Why Choose MilestoneGrad

With Mark Boyer at the helm, MilestoneGrad is more than just a shop; it’s your trusted partner in celebrating your milestone moments.

Mark’s leadership drives our relentless pursuit of quality, customization, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re ordering your cap and gown, announcements, class jewelry, or other graduation essentials, you can trust MilestoneGrad to provide products that reflect the pride and significance of your achievement.

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